The Issues

Threatening our health

Threatening our health

Crowded and stressful conditions in factory farms requires routine use of antibiotics to keep the animals alive. This causes bacteria to become resistant, which will mean the end of antibiotics as life-saving medicines. Continue reading»

Depleting global resources

Global resources & environmental damage

Highly mechanised meat production gobbles energy, land and water. Most factory farm pig feed comes from South America where forests are cleared to plant GM soy using pesticides and fertilisers that deplete the soil and poison the water. Continue reading»

Globalised food

Globalised food or food sovereignty?

Intensive pig farming operates within a global web of power, financing and trading that links it to many different struggles for the control of food and an ecologically sound future. Continue reading»

Wrecking rural communties

Wrecking rural economies & communities

Corporate control of agriculture destroys jobs and independent farmers and lengthens the distances between producers and consumers, thereby weakening food chain accountability. Continue reading»

Abusing pigs

Abusing pigs

These intelligent animals are exploited, confined, mutilated and denied expression of natural behaviours. Continue reading»

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